Wood glaze Pullex Plus-Lasur, outdoors

Wood glaze Pullex Plus-Lasur, outdoors

Solvent-based, transparent wood finish, with no aromatic content. For exterior use. Many colours available.

Chalky white
Fir green
ST 05/5 Puma
ST 04/1 Spok
ST 06/1 Weisser Tiger
ST 06/5 Nomade
ST 08/1 Coco
ST 06/4 Wüstenfuchs
ST Prinzessin Leia



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Universal wood glaze, free of aromatic hydrocarbons for wood used outdoors. A novel... more

Universal wood glaze, free of aromatic hydrocarbons for wood used outdoors. A novel binder-combination, a high body and active UV-filters ensure a long-term protection from weathering.

Long open time facilitates brush application without laps. Environmentally friendly due to a higher solid content and white spirits free of aromatic hydrocarbons. Odourless. 

Article by type of substrate: Wood
Article by application area: balcony, Canopies, exterior walls/ façades, Fences/ wooden houses, garden furniture, window shutters
Article by application: outdoors

Special Features

Product type wood glaze
Shade of colour wide range of colours
Specific properties excellent weather resistance, long durability
esay to use
long open time facilitates brush application without laps
Certificates The active substances used provide the protection required against blue stain
Substrate Softwood and hardwood as well as plywood materials which are suitable for the exterior, such as, for example, solid wooden boards, glued laminated timber (GLT or Glulam) and solid structural timber (SST), etc.
Application outdoors
Application technique brushing
Yield per application approx. 8-12 m²
Recommended number of paint coats 2. Please also see the technical data sheets!


For non-dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable timber components in the outdoor area such as wooden houses, timber cladding, canopies, fences, window shutters, balconies, gates, etc. in usage classes 2 and 3 without ground contact.

We recommend Pullex Bodenöl 50527 ff for terrace floors and landing stages.

Please observe the respective technical data sheets of theproducts.

Application method: Brushing