Silver paint

Silver paint

Weather-proof metallic satin-finished special-effect varnish

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  • 0.375 Liter
  • ca. 10 m²/1 Liter
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ADLER Silberlack (silver paint) is a weather-proof, thixotrope, metallic satin-finished... more

ADLER Silberlack (silver paint) is a weather-proof, thixotrope, metallic satin-finished special-effect paint on alkyd resin basis with rust protection, heat-resistant up to approx. 150°C.

Werkstoffart: Eisen und Stahl, Laubholz, Nadelholz, sonstige Metalle
Eigenschaften: hitzebeständig, Rostschutz
Bauteil: Eisen-Stahl, Metall (Eisen, Stahl, Alu)

Special Features

- primer and top coat
- rust protection
- interior and exterior use
- silky-matt


On metal and wood for indoor and outdoor application.

Application method: Brushing, rolling, cup gun

Safety instructions

inflammable, self-heating, self decomposable, pyrophoric, water-reactive, organic hazard Properties GHS02 Caution GHS07
signal word: Warning
Flammable liquid and vapour (Hazard class: Flammable liquids, H226)
May cause drowsiness and dizziness. (Hazard class: Specific target organ toxicity (single exposure, H336)